Studio Specs

Our workspace features the following equipment:overall

Dedicated darkroom
Dedicated washout room with backlit sink and pressure washer

Exposure units:
Large format exposure unit (screens up to 40 x 40“)
XL format exposure unit (screens up to 64” x 84”)

Print Stations:
American Vacuum Table with micro reg (50×72″ print area)
American Vaccum Table with arm (50×72″)
Glass slab surface with hinge clamps (34×48″)
Plexi surface (sticky) with hinge clamps (28×48″)


Paper cutters:
Krause Guillotine 23 7/8″ wide
Kutrimmer Paper Trimmer 24″ wide

Drying Racks (3):

52×40″ (50 shelves)
32×48″ (50)
20×30″ (40)

Apparel Presses:
Riley Hopkins 6 color 4 station carousel with micro reg (16×20″ pallet size)
Antec 4 color 1 station with micro reg (14×14″ pallet size)
Table top 4 color 1 station (portable)

*additional pallet sizes available

Flash Heating Units:
Vastex Airflash with temp adjust (18×24″ heating area)
BBC Flash (16×16″ area)

Textle Belt Dryer:
Vastex Econored with temp adjust and forced air (24″ heating area)