Film Printing

filmWe aim to fulfill client requests for film within 2 business days. All requests for film, and files, may be sent to, please note our file submission guidelines below.

Pricing for Film: $7 per square foot

The minimum order for film is 1 square foot or $7.00
To calculate your cost in advance of a quote:
Multiply the dimensional inches of each image and divide by 144= sq footage x $7
ie. 18 x 24 inches = 432 inches ÷ 144 = 3 sq ft x $7 = $21

File Submission Guidelines:

  • Files should be submitted as a bitmapped black and white (no grey pixels) .PSD, at final print size, at 300 dpi. The black area of your image will be where the ink will print.
  • Bitmapped .PSD files are best, but .JPG and .PNG files are also acceptable IF they are BLACK and WHITE (no grey pixels) and at 300 dpi
  • Files should be labeled as “YOUR LAST NAME_TITLE”
  • Registration marks should be included on any multi-layered/colored images
  • Files should be e-mailed to, please include the print dimensions of your file in your e-mail
  • Please see our file submission guidelines here if you have any questions about setting up your files:

*If your files are not emailed PRINT READY, we will charge you an additional graphic editing fee.*