At BPL we employ various ink systems for various applications. The material content of item to be printed mainly determines the ink we select to ensure quality and longevity of print work.
Waterbased (Victory Factory, TW Graphics & Speedball)
Discharge (Matsui)
Plastisol (Victory Factory)
Solvent (Nazdar)

WATER BASED ink for Textiles
Most commonly used for darker prints on lighter fabric for a slightly softer feel. Waterbased prints can air-dry and do not require heat-setting if you add catalyst.

DISCHARGE (Matsui) ink for Textiles (suitable for printing 100% cotton fabric only )
Best for printing white and lighter colors on darker fabrics.

Also water based ink that soaks into the shirt’s fabric and removes the dye in the shirt during the printing process leaving the printed area softer than regular water based ink and plastisol.

PLASTISOL ink for Textiles
Plastisol is most popular ink for printing opaque graphics on dark and colored fabrics. Plastisol prints have a slightly raised, plasticized texture. They will not air-dry and must be cured/heated with a flash dryer or on a belt dryer.

TW Graphic Waterbased ink for Flatstock/Paper/Canvas
We primarily use TW ink for production and have a broad selection of colors along with relative screen prep and care chemicals.

If you require a specific non-primary pantone or specialty ink, please confirm with us in advance of your Space Rental as to whether or not we can accommodate. (additional charges may apply for oversized printing or excessive production)

We match PMS colors , as long as the PMS code is supplied, for a fee based on quantity and type Otherwise we will use our best judgment to match to screen or based on description. Black, white, and non-primary colors are not included. Clients may also mix their own colors from our stock.