Another great BOS weekend has passed but our in-house group exhibition and one-of-a-kind apparel shop remains open to the public

BPL thanks everyone who took the time to come out and celebrate this year’s Open Studios with us! If you weren’t able to join us but would like to see our latest print works and apparel, feel free to visit on Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, Friday, or  Saturday ; 2-8pm through the end of the month. On display are new works by Ray Cross, Jeremy Jams, Jennifer Harris, Kosuke, Matthew J. Landon, and Ani Monteleone. CrystalEyes above: Crystal Eyes by R. Cross/ J.Harris MJL_Untitled above: Untitled I and II by M.J. Landon DevilGirl   above: Devil Girl by A. Monteleone Electric_Eyes above: Electric Eyes by R. Cross / J. Harris