Paper Workshop

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Paper Workshop

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  • Workshop Information

  • * In order to take the two-color workshop you must demonstrate prior experience with one-color printing or already have taken our one-color workshop.
  • Will you be the only one in the class, or how many people do you plan to take the workshop with? Please note the additional cost per person:
    One-color workshop - additional $25-$50 per person
    Two-color Workshop - additional $50-$75 per person
  • For a first workshop we suggest printing a ONE-color graphic with dark ink on light paper. Please confirm if that works for you, or let us know if you had something else in mind:
  • Artwork/Design

    Please provide the following information about the artwork/design you would like to print.
  • We need to receive your art as a JPG or PSD file, 300 DPI, AT FINAL PRINT SIZE. Please see our file submission guidelines here.
    Are you able to format your art this way or will you need Bushwick Print Lab to assist you?
  • Please send us an image of what you are planning to print. (Maximum file size 128 MB). The following file formats are accepted: .jpg,.pdf,.gif,.png. For larger file sizes please contact us to arrange receipt.
    Accepted file types: jpg, pdf, gif, png.
  • What size do you want your artwork to print? (16x24" is the maximum size for an introductory workshop)
  • Additional Information

  • Please let us know if you have any other additional notes or questions.