workshopsBushwick Print Lab is pleased to offer Workshop Opportunities for Individuals and Groups of all ages.

Please read below regarding our current workshop opportunities and recommendations for personalized, marketing/design team- building, school groups, baby/bridal showers, and celebrations of all types!


Taking an Orientation Workshop is highly recommended for any printer who aims to be self sufficient and optimally productive in our space. We do our best to pass on all of the tricks of the trade we’ve picked up through years of troubleshooting for successful printing on a broad array of mediums!

This individualized hands-on workshop is for beginner to somewhat experienced printers and averages 2+ hours .  You will be guided through the general process of preparing a screen and printing a one-color image(<19 x 12.5 inches) in our communal workspace. Personalized assistance for printing on paper/apparel guarantees you a minimum production of 12 pieces or more if desire and time allows- once you get an image printing smoothly, it’s good to do a run of several sizes so you don’t have to set it up again in the near future!

Cost averages $90 – $150 per person and BPL provides each participant with the following:

1 Film of their image, 1 Screen Rental for the day ,  Water-based inks and tools for printing, and a valuable Handout of Notes and Resources.

Apparel and Paper are available for close to wholesale pricing and can be determined in advance. We typically order from Participants may also bring their own materials to print on or purchase additional stock to print if time permits.

Participants are encouraged to select and email a unique image of their choice to print no later than 48 hours in advance of class.

If you’d like to sign up for this class please contact with WORKSHOP as the subject line so we may answer any questions, send file submission guidelines and an Invoice.


Whether you are looking to expand a creative mind through an after school enrichment program, in hopes of brand development,  or in honor of special people, Bushwick Print Lab can accommodate a gathering that results in the production of your chosen 1-color (<19 x 12.5 inch) imagery/text on apparel, tote, or paper.  Assistance with graphic production/design is available for an additional fee.

For optimal circumstances, workshops are arranged for groups of up to 6 people but larger groups can be accommodated.

Price is based per occasion!
Email to introduce the details of your ideal workshop!