Film Printing

filmWe aim to fulfill Client requests for Film in consolidated batches within 2 business days on our EPSON 9800/ 44 inch wide plotter. If your files are emailed according to submission guidelines linked below, aka print-ready, we can often prepare even sooner.

If your files are not emailed PRINT READY, you will be charged additionally for Graphic Editing,  which averages $25 per image/layer unless super minimal or major changes need to be made.

Pricing for Film:

We request files as bitmapped black and white,  (layered) .PSD attachments at final print, size 300 dpi labeled with client last name

Cost = $7 per square foot if files submitted according to
submission guidelines* detailed here
*files not submitted according to submission guidelines (linked above) are subject to additional graphic editing fees.

*Files should be labeled as your LAST NAME_TITLE

*Registration marks should be included –clear and small , place close to the image area —  on any multi-layered/colored images to be screen printed.

* $7 (1 sq ft) = minimum order

To calculate your cost in advance of a quote:
Multiply the dimensional inches of each image and divide by 144= sq footage x $6
ie. 18 x 24 inches = 432 inches ÷ 144 = 3 sq ft x $6 = $18