DIY Space Rental


Space rental for experienced/independent printers includes  general orientation and set-up assistance, tools, a broad selection of ink for textiles and paper, and some test print materials. Please send an email to : and let us know the details and materials required for your DIY production goals so we are sure to be prepared for your upcoming visit.


Hourly Studio Rental $25 per hour
Day Studio Rental (3+ Hours) $80 per day
Drier Belt Use $10 per day
Print Assistance from a BPL Team Member $30 per hour
Print Assistance from head printer, Ray Cross $65 per hour
Standard Size Screen Exposure (20″ x 24″) $20 (LAB) / $10 (DIY)
Rental of BPL Screen $5 per screen
Film $7 per square foot

* Ink included with rental except in cases of speciatly / excessive ink use which may incur a TBD fee


Beginner printers who wish to develop their overall skill level must take a workshop before they are qualified to use BPL’s facilities on their own.